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Petit Provence

03 January 2009

Tucked at the basement of The Central at Clarke Quay is a small (make that tiny) bakery that sells just a few types of breads. Amongst those are its "le petit three" that consists of the choco wassant, cream wassant and petit chocolat chocolat. The latter is a mini chocolate croissant with chocolate filling, hence "chocolat chocolat" (double chocolate).

The Wassants: 7.5/10

So what about the wassants? Wassants are mini, soft and fluffy croissants, and you can have them with chocolate swirls (inside) or a more creamylike taste and texture. The taste is not overpowering nor is it really strong at all in the first place, but perhaps it's great for children or adults who fancy the lightest of bread-type snacks.

$0.60 each.

Clarke Quay, The Central #B1-29
Also: West Coast Plaza #B1-57

Additional Comment
Petit Provence is a smaller, express branch of the more well-known Provence Bakery at Holland Village. You should try the milk bun at Provence, in addition to the other yummy-looking breads and pastries on offer there.

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