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Thai Express II

03 January 2009

It's true that I've not eaten at many Thai restaurants in Singapore, but Thai Express works just fine for me whenever I have a craving for Thai food. Of course, First Thai is still on my list of places that I would be visiting in the near future, while there's also Bangkok Jam (Great World City) and Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen (Suntec City) that I'm curious to try out.

Nongkai Ma Nao: 7/10

Me and Daphne wanted an appetiser and decided on "Nongkai Ma Nao", which as the menu explains is really crispy drumlettes with lemon sauce. On taste, it wasn't too bad, crispy with both the sour taste of the lemon as well as the sweetness of Thai sweet chilli. Interestingly though, these drumlets appeared to have very little meat, but I think it's the way that they were prepared. As you can see from the picture above, the meat is being pushed up to the top of the bone, leaving the drumlet pretty bare on the other parts.

Phad Thai Talay: 8.2/10

I think I can call this my staple dish at Thai Express. This popular Thai noodle dish with seafood is done very closely to the ones I've eaten in Bangkok, and can in fact be considered even better because it's generous serving of squids and prawns. I sprinkle the dried chilli flakes all over the noodles to add a delightful spiciness to it, while the ground peanuts do provide an interesting crunch to the dish. Some people may have their own preferences, but this is really one of my favourites!

Phad Thai [Chicken]

This is not in the menu, but you can request for it. Instead of seafood, they'd just replace it with chicken chunks, although it's really much better with seafood. I've heard that the beef one isn't too bad as well. Daphne has a small allergy with prawns though, which explains why she has to settle for chicken.

Good. Waiters move around to refill our iced water regularly.

$7.90 for the appetiser,
$10.90 for the phad thai.

* I've this feeling it's a dollar cheaper on non-festive occasions, because I was taking a look at their delivery menu (and my previous post), and the phad thai is really just $9.90.

Harbourfront Vivocity, #B2-30
Other locations, click here.

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