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Yong Soon Dough Fritters @ Food Republic II

11 January 2009

This is definitely one of my favourite places for a simple snack, and you can read more about it on a previous post here (click!). In that post I covered the delightful butterfly bun, the salty salted bun and the delicious soya bean drink. What else now?

You Tiao: 8.5/10

Note that this high score varies according to the temperature (yes, temperature) of your fried dough sticks. I got this piping hot and wonderfully crisp, but on the stall's slower days you might get one that isn't as hot, and definitely not as crispy. So how then? Well, be like me and keep a lookout from your table! Once you see them bring a new batch in, ask for those. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference ;)


About $1.

Vivocity Level 3,
Food Republic, Stall #03-18.

Additional Comment
Certified Halal.

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