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23 October 2009

Gentle touches of serenity, amazing company and good food - that's all I could ask for on a simple Thursday night. Tucked away from the loud chatter of expat folks and the strong smells of beer, this is our little sanctuary for the night.

Crab and Prawn Fritters: 3.5/5

Dim lights don't go that well with a digital camera like mine, but setting off too many camera flashes in search of that one satisfying shot did begin to feel like a disturbance to the calmness of it all. After a while, I decided to settle for hurried shots instead and be more intrigued by the stories that we had to tell. But if you must know how the fritters tasted, they were quite flavourful - a mix of (mashed) prawns and crabmeat in an aromatic wrap of spices. Pity there were only two pieces of them.

Chickpeas Soup

This was the soup of the day that the dining companion for the night, Enlin - "the pretty one" - had for her appetiser. I'm quite sure it was chickpeas soup, as much as she heard it as "chick-piece" from the waitress. You wouldn't want to know what I thought I heard, and I'm very sure it's not it.

Wagyu Beef Burger: 4.5/5

This, my dear friends, is one of the best beef burgers that I've had. Wagyu-grade beef patty - thick, juicy and very beefy indeed. Enlin didn't fancy this too much, and I'm thinking maybe it's because it's not as well-done as the ladies would usually prefer it to be. The man likes it very much though, along with the caramelised onions, barbecue sauce and melted cheese. If you could add a fried egg, this would be even more spectacular.

Fried Pacific Dory Fish

Enlin's fried dory atop a small heap of mashed potatoes. She said it was "not bad, quite good" but would prefer the salsa tomatoes to be more finely diced and chopped up, even more to a puree-like state, as compared to these slightly larger pieces. The fish was fresh and soft, which is good.

Fried Banana with Ice-Cream: 4.25/5

We were so full from our main course but this was pretty good stuff. Not your usual deep-fried goreng pisang mind you, this banana fritter had a fried batter more akin to a puff pastry. I like the way the both of them went together - the hot, sweet banana fritter and the cold, smooth ice-cream - delightful. Once you're through with all of that, wrap it all up with a nice cup of hot tea :)

Very good. Friendly and polite, the staff were regularly filling our glasses with iced water as well.

$34++ for his set dinner
$28++ for her set dinner

31 Boat Quay.

Additional Comments
Harris: Ladies, you may like to bring a jacket if you get cold easily.
Enlin: Ladies, you may like to bring a jacket, unless jumping onto the guy's lap seems a better option.
Harris: Yeah, and you chose the jacket.

First picture source here.

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