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09 January 2008

I would put double question marks for the cuisine because it's declared as Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant, though I suppose it has very much more to do with a competition with KFC, or something like that, in Korea.

I like fried chicken a lot I realise, but sometimes eating too much of it makes me feel sinful and watching my tummy. In comes BBQ Chicken, with its selling point in using "100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil" which probably makes it healthier. Either that or I'm just finding excuses to keep coming to my favourite restaurant for my fix of fried chicken with rice.

Me and Daphne decided to order two separate chicken sets so we could try one each, and I have to admit it was my idea since I was stuck on what to order haha. I was busy eyeing plates around the restaurant and wanted to try everything heh.

Original Chicken: 7.5/10

"Definitely tender on the inside, crispy on the outside." I couldn't agree more. I find the chicken less oily than KFC's, and it has a different taste from normal fried chicken because of the oil. It smells great, and goes well with the crispy wedges and rice, which is added through a "top-up" to "complete the meal".

Korean Charboiled: 8/10

Don't be fooled by the burn marks, it really is just the bits of oil that went dark. The chicken was very soft and tender, and once again the oil and special herbs had an effect on the taste. It makes it simply different really, and you've still got that yummy bbq-grill taste in your mouth.

Great. Very polite staff.

Very affordable. If KFC is alright for you, then a couple more dollars is really worth making you even happier. $7.50 for two pieces of the original chicken, $9.00 for charboiled. $3 to add a drink, coleslaw, wedges and rice. For more, check out its webbie.

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard B1-04/05

Additional Comments
This restaurant is Halal-certified.
There is a new outlet at the Marina Square Food Loft. Should be a very strong competitor against the Indonesian Grill there.
PASSION Card members get extra 10% off. Yayness.

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