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12 January 2008

The menu online looked really good, and the package looked really attractive too, so we thought why not. Eight of us packed in The Mind Cafe at Purvis Street eagerly enjoying ourselves before school reopens next week! Here's our take on the food we ordered.

Mushroom Soup: 4.9/10

This was the Soup of the Day, and it was ordinary. No complaints, but no wild praises either.

Mind Crispy Chicken Platter: 7/10

Three of us ordered this. What I liked about this was the portion, because boy was the chicken slice big and chunky. The meat though was just alright, and after a while we found it a tad too oily to swallow. While I'm accustomed to oily and crispy chicken, the two other boys slowly did away with their chicken skins. Still, it was good enough for me.

The Boat Quay Fisherman: 7/10

Daphne had the usual fish and chips, much of it was because we saw someone else having this and it looked promising. Normal fare really, wasn't too oily and we felt the fish was fresh enough.

Salmon Pasta: 6.5/10

One of the boys had this, and he felt those served at Cafe Cartel or NUS' Munchie Monkeys are better. He preferred it more creamy.

Marinara Pasta: 7.5/10

Seafood pasta is always one of my fav. One of the girls ordered this and she enjoyed it. Good sauce and fresh ingredients.

Seafood Lasagna: 3/10
The girl who had this didn't like it because she felt it seemed more like minced seafood. As much as it looked like lasagna, it tasted more like tomato sauce with slight amounts of cheese. In her words, she found this "super unsatisfying". While we may not have the pic for this, it did look pretty dry to me.

The Mind - Black and White Brownie: 8/10

This was good. Very rich brownie, and I liked the chocolate bits at the top. Any sweet tooth would say aye to this! The vanilla ice-cream was, vanilla, but hey, the highlight is on the brownie.

Milo Godzilla: 8.5/10
Someone wanted Iced Milo, then someone else wanted Milo Dinosaur (which is Iced Milo with Milo powder added at the top for added sweetness heaven). And then I decided to top it off with Milo Godzilla. Coolness in the names isn't it. Milo Godzilla is like a Milo Dinosaur Float. Very thick and sweet as I love it!

Outstanding. Very very helpful and patient staff - with the games and the food. There were eight rowdy and crazy people in us but still they were so cool and calm with us being so slow and indecisive. Thumbs up.

Very very worth it. It was $16.90++ (++ for 10% Service Charge and 7% GST) for:
1. One Drink (Any drink from the menu)
2. One Soup of the Day or Salad
3. One Main Course
4. One Mind Brownie
5. Two hours of boardgaming

Purvis Street, Bugis.
Also: Boat Quay, Prinsep Street.

Additional Comments
NUS Matriculation Cards get their 10% Service Charge waived. Cool, especially when the service is so good!

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