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Tambuah Mas

26 January 2008

Me and Daphne initially thought we would have a try at the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant at Heeren, but seeing their menu and anticipating almost ordinary zhi char (a phrase some Chinese speaking people would use to describe Chinese ala-carte dishes; here it's broadly meant for asian dishes) fare, and at higher prices too, we travelled down to Paragon in search for something else for dinner.

We settled for Tambuah Mas, a small Indonesia restaurant after Daphne mentioned that she likes Tahu Telor (see below) and used to have that with her family at Sanur (another popular Indonesian restaurant).

Nasi Putih / Nasi Kuning

No ratings for these, because really, it's just rice! Putih refers to white, Kuning refers to yellow, if you hadn't already known.

Tahu Telor: 8/10

Tahu Telor is something like fried tofu in egg batter (hence tahu=tofu, telor=egg) and it's one of the most popular Indonesian dishes here in Singapore. This Tahu Telor from Tambuah Mas was nicely crispy on the outside yet still had the smooth texture of tofu on the inside. The sweet sauce was a good complement to the overall taste.

Ayam Goreng Istimewa: 6/10

I had high expectations for this dish not because I'd tried it before or have heard about it, but simply because of its name, which when translated meant Special Fried Chicken. It turned out pretty ordinary, though Daphne kind of liked the slight taste of spices used to marinate the chicken.

Cumi Cumi Goreng: 7/10

Cute nume, Cumi Cumi, but this is your Indonesian version of fried calamari. It's very crispy and pretty good actually, but somehow we felt it would have been better if it was less spicy. If you had a few at a go, you'd find yourself taking quick sips of water. Eat it with the rice then.

Attentive staff during mealtime.

Orchard Paragon Basement One.
Also: Marina Square

Additional Comments
If you look at our dishes, they're all pretty dry, so here at Tambuah Mas you could request for a bowl of curry gravy, which they would give free of charge. It went very well with my yellow rice.

1 Foodie Comments:

Charlyn said...

I LOVE THIS restaurant!!! it has the best avocado juice in the world! surely 10/10!

November 10, 2008 at 1:08 PM

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