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Swiss Baeckerei

14 January 2008

Recently me and Daphne took a trip down to Vilage at Heeren Orchard for her sudden craving for rosti, only to find the place closed. Our follow-up trip to Suntec revealed that Marche was closed too, now replaced by works for TCC. In an attempt to be the all so sweet friend I took her to the Swiss Baeckerei at Frankel Avenue today to satisfy that very craving.

Rosti with Bratwurst: 7/10. Rosti: 6.5, Bratwurst: 8

When the rosti came, I think me and Daphne had different looks at it. I was thrilled because it looked burnt and crisp, while the girl preferred her rosti less brown and more... potato-ey, just like the one Marche has.

Indeed, the rosti was warm and crispy, but it had a little too much spice for either of our liking. The sausage (choice between pork, veal and chicken; naturally we had the veal) helped a lot though, not only was it meaty, it tasted good too. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but you have this feeling it's some well-processed sausage. The skin wasn't too dry and inside had just the right bit of moisture for a sausage.

Croque Champignon (Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Mushrooms): 7.5/10

Melted cheese on great bread, with lots of black pepper pan friend mushrooms, yummy! The toasted bread gave it a crisp feel which went well with the smooth cheese and mushrooms.

Very good. Very polite and patient waitresses in this neat little cafe.

More than average. $14.90 for the Rosti and Bratwurst, $11.90 for the Croque Champignon, both inclusive with choice of hot or cold drinks.

97 Frankel Avenue

Additional Comments
None, except that parking is a chore. I had to park around the bungalows.

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