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Marche Restaurant

28 January 2008

If you read one of my food posts some time back, you'd know that me and Daphne made a trip to the Swiss Baeckerei at Frankel Ave because of the closed outlet at Suntec, and Vilage too closed at the Heeren Orchard. In an effort to make sure that Daphne could have her much missed Marche Rosti, we headed to Vivocity after school.

Plain Rosti with Sour Cream: 7/10

Were we disappointed? Yes, I have to say we were quite so. The rosti we had here was quite oily and didnt exactly go well with the sour cream. Tempted to rate a 6.5 even, but well, we hope it was an exception. Call us lenient.

Crepe with Mushrooms: 7.5/10

This was slightly better as compared to the rosti, though it had the same problem of not fitting nicely with the sides like this orange sauce (I assume is mushroom sauce with some spices, because well, it tasted somewhat like that) we had served with it.

Good. Very polite staff. Pretty peaceful atmosphere too.

Pretty alright. $5.95 for the rosti, $7+ for the crepe (I think).

Vivocity Level 3

Additional Comments
For the uninitiated, you charge your food to a card given to you at the start. You then pay at cashout.

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