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Miss Clarity Cafe

09 January 2008

I had a craving for Miss Clarity's Black Pepper Crispy Chicken and so me and Daphne headed there once again - we were there twice within the fortnight =) It's close to Bugis and needs reservations on weekday nights since I heard it's quite popular. Looking at the menu, I realised it's very very affordable too.

Calamari Rings: 8/10

This came hot and one bite and you know it's really crispy goodness. The calamari (or 'sotong' as some of us prefer to call it) is real in the sense that it's not some paste or fake meat (like fake crabmeat), and taste fresher than those you would find at Old Chang Kee. This was good stuff, and had set the pace for the main course.

Black Pepper Crispy Chicken: 8.3/10

The sauce and herbs used were very good, and unlike the harder crispier skin at BBQ Chicken, this one was softer but just as sweet and tasty. I loved this dish really. The steamed potatoes were good too! On my second visit however, the chicken was a little too oily for my liking. But I refuse to change the ratings because it could have just been a lil mistake on their part. You guys are forgiven!

Chicken Baked Rice: 5/10

We were surprised this didn't turn out that good. While the chicken chunks were alright, the rice was cold and had a bland tomato taste. The melted cheese too was quite cold and clung to the sides of the dish. Felt very oven heated if you get what I mean.

Twin Delight: 9/10

My pants was already bursting at the seams but because she didn't have a very good main course I agreed to share the cake with her. It was fantastic. It had chocolate, bit of coffee if I remember correctly, and vanilla all mixed together in divine goodness. Soft and smooth, this was good.

Just like the wallpapers of the restaurant, the waitresses at Ms Clarity Cafe were all as sweet and cheery.

$7.00 for the calamari rings,
$7.50 for the chicken / baked rice,
$4.50 for the twin delight.

5 Purvis Street #01-04

Additional Comments
No reservations for Fridays and Saturdays, and it's closed on Sundays.

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