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Zam Zam Restaurant II

02 March 2009

John was having a craving for some good briyani, and Zam Zam's briyani is actually one of his favourites. If you would like another recommendation from me, I would say the briyani stall at the foodcourt on the basement level of Yishun Northpoint is pretty good too!

Chicken Briyani: 8.3/10

Wooo, quite a big piece of chicken breast indeed. The chicken (or mutton if you order a mutton briyani) is served together with the rice and has always been very soft and tender. The rice too is just nice, not too dry nor too moist, and tastes great with curry.

Zam Zam usually serves you two types of curry whenever you order their briyanis, pratas or murtabaks. The dhal curry (left) is made from pulses and if I'm not wrong is the vegetarian option for curries. The other curry, I couldn't exactly place it as fish or chicken curry, but it's the one Singaporeans are more familiar with for pratas and briyanis.

Mutton Briyani: 8/10

Another of Zam Zam's popular dishes, the mutton murtabak is a thicker and larger type of "roti prata" that has an onion and minced mutton filling. Darren was saying that he prefers it crispier, but I felt it was just alright, because having it crispier would mean that it would get oilier as well. The onions certainly added the extra crunch to this dish.

It really depends on their mood! But they're generally friendly.

$5 for the chicken briyani
$5 for the mutton murtabak

697-699 North Bridge Road.

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