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Cold Rock Ice-Creamery II

10 March 2009

Me and Daphne wanted to try out the desserts at the 2am Dessert Bar but it was closed on a Sunday night! Don't be fooled though, the bar's opening hours on other days is from 3pm to 2am, which means the "2am" is really it's closing time. I'm sure we'll check it out someday, some-how. Meanwhile, the next best alternative had to be one of our top favourite ice-cream places: Cold Rock!

Butter Pecan + Ferrero Ice-Cream + Violet Crumble + Maltesers: 8.5/10

Where's my honeycomb ice-cream?! This mix was good, but not just as good as the dark chocolate and honeycomb combination we had last year.

I like the way the ice-cream blended together with each other, and then with the toppings as well. I'm glad I don't live in the vicinity though, because I might find myself going to Cold Rock everyday haha.

I think the girls were probably tired or something, they didn't smile much and gave me the impression that they were getting quite impatient with the less decisive customers. Ben & Jerry's girls are probably much livelier in their service.

$8.50 for a large cup (two flavours only)
$1.00 for each topping
$1.00 for a bottle of cold mineral water

24A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village.

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