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Dome Restaurant @ Dempsey

10 March 2009

Since both me and Daphne didn't want to burn our pockets at Dempsey, we ended up deciding between Harry's and Dome, and as you can probably tell we settled for the latter. In retrospect however, I think we would have had a more satisfying dinner at Harry's!

Beef Lasagna: 7/10

Eating this makes me miss my Emiliana Lasagna from Modesto's! Sorry for the camera flash on the food, I think it's an unwritten rule of food photography that you should refrain from using the (internal) flash, but then it was just too dark to take anything at all. I did away with the salad and coleslaw and asked for fries instead (how healthy, I know), which the waiter readily agreed to change at a tune of $1.50. On taste, I think it was not too bad, it was sufficiently beefy/meaty with lots of cheese, while the fries came hot and crispy, just the way I like them. Yet there's something missing from it too, it lacks the oomph-factor, should be less soft and could do better with more gravy as well.

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta: 2/10

This kind of ruined Daphne's dinner, because the pasta came terribly lukewarm and hard, and there were barely five slices of chicken. There wasn't much taste to it, and all she could do was add lots of grated cheese and chilli flakes. Even that couldn't save the dish.

At least, service was very very good. Polite, friendly and attentive.

$12.90 for the beef lasagna
$11.50 for the teriyaki chicken pasta
$1.50 for the fries side

*Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Blk 11 Dempsey Road #01-18.

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