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Botak Favorites @ Woodlands

13 May 2010

Many of you must have asked this before: Is Botak Jones halal? Well, it wasn't, but now it is, well part of it. To be more precise, Botak Jones has opened two Halal-certified outlets in Singapore (stand up and cheer my Muslim friends!) in Woodlands and Bedok, and to avoid confusion these outlets have been renamed as "Botak Favourites". Rejoice as you can now enjoy the cheap and good beef from Botak Jones!

The Botak Burger
With Fried Egg and Sauteed Onions Add-ons

Botak Jones' signature Botak Burger has been my staple in all of my visits to Botak Jones. While the patty had shrunk in last year's visit to the Toa Payoh outlet, it has since regained it weight and beefiness this time round, and it really is very good for the price that I am paying.

And oh, don't you know I really really love my fries? As always, double servings of the good fries from Botak Jones. As you could already tell, I had add-ons of a fried eggs and sauteed onions for the added flavour. My favourite low-frills burger aside from Burger Bench and Bar.

Botak Jones NZ Sirloin

Again, good value is the order of the day, and the Botak Jones NZ Sirloin Steak is good quality steak for a low price tag of just $12.90. Very tender too, even for such a fairly thick cut.

Botak's Fish and Chips

For the more boring sods, there's always Botak's Fish and Chips, which though alright, isn't impressive at all when compared to the beef. Love yourself, and love the ecosystem and don't disrupt the food chain with your sorry diets people. Love and eat beef, moderately of course. Moo.

Place your own orders at the counter, but your food will be delivered to you. Be prepared to wait during peak hours.

$8.00 for the botak burger set
$1.00 for fried egg add-on
$1.00 for sauteed onions add-on
$12.90 for the botak's nz sirloin steak
$7.50 for the botak's fish and chips

892C Woodlands Drive 50,
Coffeeshop underneath the carpark (11.30am - 10pm)

Also: Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe
357/359 Simpang Bedok (6pm - 4am)

Both of these outlets are Halal-certified.

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

2 Foodie Comments:

Angeline said...

I've never eaten botak jones before. The patty looks really thick and juicy! Better than BBB?

May 13, 2010 at 10:09 PM
*Harris said...

I would have to say they are a bit different. BBB is a bit thinner, more steak like (relatively), whilst the botak one is beefier and thicker. Those who don't like the too wholesome taste of beef might do better with BBB :)

May 13, 2010 at 10:35 PM

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