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PS Cafe @ Orchard Palais

19 May 2010

I always like a good brunch, and I always like a good burger. It's not often that you can get the both of them so nicely together, and the experiences at Spruce and Riders Cafe too didn't seem to make the mark, or my expectations for that matter. In steps PS Cafe, admittedly a slightly more upmarket eatery as compared to the two, but nevertheless, this is one place that could put it through confidently - it can be done.

The interior of the Palais branch of PS Cafe is chic, warm and pleasant. It's the sort that entices you to order almost everything on the menu and to get you to want to laze and wile the whole weekend morning and afternoon away. Choose from a selection of "brunch specials" on the big board in front, or take your pick from their main ala carte menu. Portions here are relatively big, so be prepared to loosen that belt if you're aiming for PS Cafe's popular desserts as well. Else, don't be greedy and share!

PS Cafe Home Brew Tea

The PS Cafe Home Brew Tea was really strong and bitter, but it warms your heart and soul and is a great refresher for the morning. There's always Caffe Latte if you want something sweeter.

Brunch Burger
Chargrilled wagyu & U.S chuck pattie topped with fried egg, crisped bacon, onion ring and melted cheesy provolone on a toasted sesame bap served with pickle & tomato on the side and ps steak fries

Now now, this is a reallyyy good burger. It is quite pricey at close to $30, but for that price you're paying you'd be getting a thick, beefy and tender beef patty that screams quality at one of its finest - worth your buck for sure. Perfectly grilled with that hint of sauce and perhaps, even wine, and well complemented with that large onion ring and fried egg. It would be even richer with the bacon (no pork for me) but already this is quality (and most filling) stuff. I know some kids out there, often only on the hunt for free food sessions, eat few burgers and then wax lyrical of the small burgers at Smok'inn Frogz - but real men, real men eat good, thick and juicy burgers like this wagyu burger from PS Cafe. And that's it.

Chargrilled Duck Sausages
With bacon and butterbean casoulet, served in toasted soy and linseed bread, wilted spanich and poached eggs

The dining buddy Glenn had this for his brunch, and I think it turned out quite alright. It was a brunch special for the weekend, but dear me, don't think it's just sausages. It's a really filling dish as a whole. Which means, quite obviously, that neither of us had space for desserts. Till next time then :)

Very good. I was surprised the waitress knelt on the floor beside me just to take our orders, and though a seemingly sincere gesture it is quite unnecessary. The king bids you to rise.

About $30 for each main course.

Orchard Palais Shopping Centre, Level 2.
Opposite Forum The Shopping Mall / Beside Orchard Towers.

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

2 Foodie Comments:

HungryTrotters said...

quite pricey...but i would like to try duck sausage.

May 19, 2010 at 6:42 PM
*Harris said...

it's a seasonal thing, the duck sausage, not always on the menu!

May 20, 2010 at 2:12 PM

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