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The Ice Cream Gallery

16 May 2010

Tucked in a sleepy River Valley neighbourhood at Valley Point is this small ice-cream shop that has its share of regular customers, loyalists too if you like, seeing how they buy pint after pint of ice-creams to take home. It's been up and around for some time now and you would tend to think that the ice-creams here must be pretty good for it to survive this long. What's my verdict on Ice Cream Gallery you ask?

Honey Nut and Strawberry Cheesecake

I think the ice-cream is passable, but it isn't impressive at all and neither would it get me to make a return trip just for another scoop or two (not like Tom's Palette or BLIC for instance). The flavours were just too mild and you may get the sense that cutbacks were being made.

Kirsch Cherry and Strawberry Champagne

Many of Ice Cream Gallery's "premium" ice-creams contain alcohol, but since I did not get much of a taste of these I shan't make any comments. For those who may have already tried these two flavours, or others, feel free to let me know what you think. You could probably agree with my assessment so far, or you could entice me with a recommended flavour that is worth my return trip :)


$3.30 for single scoop, $6.50 for double scoop.
Add $0.50 for premium flavours,
Add $0.50 for a waffle bowl.

491 River Valley Road, #01-20 Valley Point.

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

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