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Seafood @ East Coast Lagoon

21 May 2010

The weekend is here again and I know many of you working people are walking about with a wider smile on your face and with an extra bounce in your step. I guess I will know how it really feels like (sans my experience in various internships) once I start work on... 1 June!

Till then, food posts will still be coming your way, and I promise you the entries on Italy and Kuala Lumpur will be up next week! There might be a piece of good news too for this blog, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are just some pictures of my dinner at my favourite seafood stall (no pork, no lard) at my favourite hawker centre in Singapore - East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre. Just to get you in the mood to have some good food this weekend! :)

Sambal Kangkong

Don't forget your greens!

Steamed Prawns

Served with sambal chilli and mayo.

Mussels in Spicy Sauce

Finding those pearls under the shells.

Chilli Crab

A personal favourite, dip it with deep-fried mantou buns!

Black Pepper Crab

For that extra spicy zest... yum!

East Coast Lagoon Hawker Centre,
My recommended (no pork, no lard) stall is situated close to Stall 40, Lagoon Carrot Cake, another great stall with delicious carrot cake!

Additional Comment
For those with a larger budget, I would recommend No Signboard Seafood Restaurant :)

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

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