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East Coast Lagoon Food Village

09 December 2009

As I was saying before, I was looking for a very good carrot cake - without the pork and without the lard - and Heng's at Newton Food Centre is definitely one of those places that does a really good job at it. You must be wondering just where would the next place be for good, lardless carrot cake. I'm quite sure the title of this post is a great hint on where it is!

Lagoon Carrot Cake

"Black" Carrot Cake: 4.25/5

A pretty even contender to its counterpart from Newton. The black carrot cake here is a little more moist, but I really like the addition of a few prawns to add the extra crunch to the dish. Quite generous amount of eggs for a $4 serving too. Eat when served hot, really good. See, carrot cake can taste good even without lard.

Haron BBQ Chicken Wing

BBQ Chicken Wing: 4.25/5

In case you are here and you're on the lookout for the best chicken wings, I would suggest you head right to this stall. The chicken wings here are fresher, not as dry as the rest of the stalls, and juicy too. There are times when I actually get envious stares from others when they compare their sad-looking chicken wings to my delicious-looking ones.

Sate Selamat

Tahu Kicap: 4.25/5

Since I'm on a roll here, I might as well introduce you to this little hidden gem in East Coast. I've not seen this dish being sold anywhere else in Singapore (if you do, please share) but it has been around for at least ten years and I will always order this whenever I'm eating here. Everyone that I have introduced this dish to loves it, much because it's something simple but tastes really good - deep-fried tofu in egg-like batter, dashed with some dark, sweet sauce. As the name suggests, "Tahu Kicap" just means tofu in dark sauce. Try it, I'm sure you'll love it :)

Pretty brisk. Be forewarned of the touting by satay vendors, just walk past pretending you're looking for a friend.

East Coast Lagoon Food Village. It's much further up from MacDonald's and Burger King.

Additional Comments
1. First picture source here.
2. Very crowded on weekends, especially evenings. Either come earlier like 6pm or later like 8.30pm. Be prepared to wait for seats.
3. No free parking all day long, thus put out your coupons on Sunday too. $0.50 half-hourly. You wouldn't want your dinner to be more expensive, would you? So be good =)

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