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Bakerzin Desserts

07 December 2009

"Lust & Must: Sweet Treats"? It always seems decadent having desserts, but lust if you must, it's always guaranteed to mkae you happy! Bakerzin's monthly promotions have been going on since early in the year, and I thought I should just compile what I've eaten in a single post, rather than leave separate ones scattered around in this blog. Besides, it would be good for readers to find out more within one post rather than having to hop around right? :)

Words of wisdom from Bakerzin, and I agree with them totally: there's always room for dessert!

Macarons: 3.75/5

The love affair began with the $1 macarons in February. After trying the yummy macarons at Carousel, I was really craving for more, though the thought of paying $2.20 for each got me wondering if it's worth it at all. I mean, you could just pop it into your mouth, or at most give it three tiny nibbles. You may say, well if it's good, then it's worth it right? In truth, I've not tasted many macarons around to know what's good, and therefore, what's worth your buck. I've tasted those at Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie once, but didn't see too much of a difference with those from Carousel. The peach macaron from Bakerzin was okay, with the peach flavour coming largely from the peach (and I have to add cheese-like) cream. I prefered the chocolate one though, because there was a "fuller", chocolatey taste to it.

Chocolate Amer: 4/5

It turned out better than I expected, rich, smooth and very chocolatey. And I liked the portion, even if it may not be exactly worth it at its actual price, since too much of it might be a bit too overwhelming.

Strawberry Shortcake: 3.5/5

James, my old time army buddy, had this and I realised the cake looked very similar to the one from Canelé. Taste-wise, it's okay I guess.

New York Cheesecake: 3.5/5

So how does the cheesecake square up? I liked its soft and smooth texture and the way it seems to melt in your mouth. Thing is, I'm one who would prefer a more existent (biscuit) base, and other than a faint hint of jelly, there wasn't anything much else to this cake. If you ask me, the Chocolate Amer was a better buy.

Jivara Cake: 4.25/5

"The lightest of milk chocolate mousse on a crunchy praline base". This cake was really good stuff indeed, though the Chocolate Praline from 1 Caramel is just a wee bit better because the latter has an even lighter mousse (I know, Bakerzin claims to have the "lightest") with a slight hint of dark chocolate as well. I didn't quite like the wild strawberry sauce too. Still, good cake :)

Waffle Ice Cream: 3.5/5

Sure, crispy waffles are great to munch on, but these were just a bit too thin and crispy for our liking. It was more like eating waffle biscuits actually. The cream cheese ice cream was something unique and refreshing.

$1.60 for the macaron
$6.20 for the chocolate amer
$6.50 for the strawberry shortcake
$6.50 for the new york cheesecake
$9.80 for the jivara cake
$8.20 for the waffle ice cream

* Prices listed are non-promotional prices. Subject to taxes.

For a list of locations, click here.

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Ribbon Clown said...

Hi there, I linked to your blog for the Chocolate Amer picture.. Thank you..:D

January 11, 2011 at 4:04 PM

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