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Newton Food Centre [Carrot Cake]

07 December 2009

For someone who doesn't eat pork nor lard, finding a really good carrot cake can be quite difficult. The good thing is I've narrowed down my carrot cake options to two fantastic lard-free stalls, the first being at Newton Circus here, and the second at East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

Heng Carrot Cake

"Black" Carrot Cake: 4.25/5

The purists may say lard gives carrot cake its real, "authentic" flavour, but well, I'll settlle comfortably with this! It is really good as I wanted it to be - not too sweet and not too moist, so much so that you can feel the light crunch of the "chye poh" (salted radish) and taste the little "burnt" flavour of the dark sweet sauce. Good stuff.

"White" Carrot Cake: 4.25/5/

I cannot safely say if the white carrot cake is better than the black one (for the uninitiated, a "black" carrot cake has the addition of a dark, sweet sauce and is usually slightly more moist, while the "white" one is crispier), because admittedly my preference has always been with black carrot cake.

The white carrot cake is crispier than the black one, and here you can definitely taste the generous amount of eggs that go into it. In the end, it really goes down to your preference if you prefer your carrot cake black or white. I wonder if anyone has ever tried ordering the two types side by side on the same plate.

$3 for each (small portion)

Heng Carrot Cake, Stall 28.

Additional Comment
No pork, no lard.

2 Foodie Comments:

Wen said...

I totally agree with u. This stall carrot cake is yummy even w/o pork & lard! Btw, your new blog layout is great too.

December 7, 2009 at 5:03 PM
*Harris said...

Thanks Wen :)

By the way, I hope your wendyhel email works, I'm sending an email to you now!

December 7, 2009 at 10:06 PM

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