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07 December 2009

Perhaps one of my most favourite (and therein, most frequented) food courts would be the one at Marina Square - the Marina Food Loft. Great variety of good food at very affordable prices. This is the place for great chicken curry noodles!

Chicken Curry Noodle: 4/5

My craving for this curry chicken noodle came about after watching Gurmit and Michelle's "Lost & Found" food programme on TVMobile. I realised that it has been soooo long since I've had my curry noodle fix, plus the fact that I've not blogged about it just makes me all the more intent on making a trip there.

The curry is spicily good and not too thick, while the chicken is very soft and fresh. Generous serving of tau pok (fried bean curd) too. He only scooped up a single chunk of potato though, but I'm not complaining because overall it's a very filling dish.

A close-up on the noodles, after I'd messed it up just so the ingredients are not hidden under the gravy. You may be turned off from the oil (oh you health-conscious bugger) but what a customer before me did was to request not to have the "oily" part of the gravy added. The stallholder just smiled and followed his request, and I'm guessing that this is not the first time a customer asked him for less oil. I'll leave it up to you. To me, if you want to consider curry as sinful and fattening and what have you, well then, if you're eating it, might as well go all the way right hahaha.

Place: Hock Hai (Hong Lim) Chicken Curry Noodle (note: not Halal-certified)

Price: $4.00.

Chicken Cutlet Hor Fun: 3.5/5

Another one of my simple favourites. In case some of you hadn't known, I'm not exactly a fan of greens, which explains why my noodles seem utterly devoid of vegetables or colour. I like this because of the tangy sweet gravy as well as the crispy chicken cutlet pieces.

Place: Ron Seafood and Miniwok (certified Halal)

Price: This is one of the cheapest at $3.50. Prices range from $3.50 to $7, depending really on what you order.

Marina Square Level 4.

Additional Comments
For Muslim consumers, there are quite a few stalls here that are Halal-certified/ No pork No Lard (depending on your personal level of tolerance). Other than Ron's (see above), you've also got QiJi Nasi Lemak, Indonesian Grill and Ayam Penyet.

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