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Gusttimo Di Roma

18 December 2009

Feeling in the mood to splurge on something sweet? Want to bask in the warm weather with a cool cup of gelato in your hands? Enter Gusttimo Di Roma, one of the latest addition to Ion Orchard and one that has drawn several curious first-timers to its counters. Walk around with a refreshing cup of gelato or sit around along Orchard Road with a group of friends - there's always time to give yourself a sweet treat :)

Three Flavour Gelato: 4/5

I have to admit that many of the reviews online of Gusttimo aren't all too pretty, and perhaps it's due to heightened expectations arising from the fairly high price tag. A small cup of three flavours would set you at $5.90, so you would need to make sure that your choices count. I chose the hazelnut & chocolate (very average, reminds you of Ferrero Rocher chocolates surely) and caramel (simple, sweet and delicious) gelati as well as the mixed berries sorbet (my favourite of the lot, sweet and sour with some hint of "crunch"; take note that I chose the sorbet not the yogurt). A simple search on the blogs online told me to stay away from the chocolate-based flavours while others have praised the cream cheese one. My verdict on this is that the gelato/sorbet here is actually quite nice and it really depends on what flavours you choose, and where your personal preference lies in.

We're all different food blogs with our different tastes, so my advice to you is if you're in the area, just go ahead and try it! I'd say yes to the mixed berries sorbet, but that's just me! :)

Contrary to some of the reviews, service here was quite friendly actually.

$5.90 for a small cup (three flavours)
$7.80 for a medium cup (four flavours)

Ion Orchard, #01-17.

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

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