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Waroeng Penyet

14 December 2009

I was looking for some place around the Marine Parade area for lunch and a quick search on the food blogs led me to this Indonesian eatery just a few minutes walk away from Parkway Parade. I was in a mood for some good ayam penyet (Indonesian-inspired smashed, deep-fried chicken), especially after my recent dinner at Ayam Penyet Ria at Orchard Lucky Plaza proved to be a less than impressive affair.

Waroeng Penyet is situated close to a coffeeshop and opposite the neighbourhood's polyclinic. I kinda like its (cartoon) chick mascot, pretty adorable. I would seriously consider buying a small plush toy of it if they had one haha!

Ayam Penyet Set: 4.25/5

The (lunch) set comes with a bowl of soup, a plate of white steamed rice and the all-important fried chicken, accompanied with fried tofu and tempeh (a popular Indonesian side dish of fermented soybeans). When the food arrived, just one look at it and I knew this was going to be really good.

The chicken was very well-marinated and cooked, and was juicy without being oily at the same time. I like the crisps of batter that they added on for the extra crunch, while the tofu and tempeh helped to balance an otherwise all-chicken meal. It would be good if there was more to the chilli, though at least it isn't as numbingly spicy as the one from Ayam Penyet Ria. My verdict: Probably one of the best ayam penyet in Singapore, but I have to note that it's rare to find the chicken being true to its "penyet" name - even here at Waroeng Penyet, the chicken was not in any way flattened!

Soda Gembira
The "Soda Gembira", translated as Happy Soda, is a carbonated variation to the popular local drink, "Bandung" (milk-based rose syrup). I found this drink quite unique actually, and its sweetness was enough to make my day happy :)

Very good.

$6.50 for the ayam penyet lunch set, inclusive of soup, rice and a free soft drink.
$1.80 for the soda gembira.
(I realised that they didn't get me to pay a little bit more to change my drink, so I paid full for my soda gembira but didn't get my free soft drink!)

For more on the menu, click here.

Marine Parade Central, Blk 81 #01-638.

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

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