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10 December 2009

I have such a mounting backlog of food entries that I have little idea where to start, but I thought I would serve up what would be a new entrant to The A List tomorrow night - something delectable to think about (and for you to visit!) over the weekend - so do check back soon on this blog ya! Till then, here's some good ol' Chinese desserts for you :)

Original Tang Yuan: 3.5/5

I had little idea this was the "original" tang yuan (glutinous rice balls with fillings like peanut, red bean or sesame paste) because I was expecting the peanut "soup" similar to the one sold in Bedok - the "ah balling peanut soup". Here the hot cheng tng soup is used instead, so you can say it's slightly healthier and refreshing to drink too. The tang yuan was alright, and I especially like them with the peanut paste.

Riceballs with Peanut Crumble: 3.5/5

I shared this with the best friend, and it's actually just the same tang yuan now coated with grated peanuts. We ordered the sesame paste fillings since she likes them this way, though I still prefer having more peanuts in them!


For the more boring of the lot (haha!) you can always stick to the traditional beancurd, which is done to a smooth and soft effect here.

Cheng Tng

Another one of those typical desserts. I remember reading in the "Mind Your Body" section of the newspapers some time ago that cheng tng is actually quite a healthy dessert, so if you're looking for something sweet but not too utterly sinful, here's something for you.

$3.00 for the original tang yuan
$2.90 for the riceball with peanut crumble
$1.80 for the plain beancurd
$2.50 for the cheng tng
$1.50 for a cup of soya milk (left)

8 Liang Seah Street #01-04.

Additional Comment
Admittedly Liang Seah Street is especially known for Ah Chew Desserts and Tong Shui Cafe, two Chinese dessert places which are situated further up the lane (closer to Bugis Junction). Ah Chew does have a wider variety but it's almost always crowded.

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

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