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Chocolate Research Facility

28 July 2009

For a chocolate lover like me, the Chocolate Research Facility at Millenia Walk is a paradise indeed. The Facility doesn't look much, it's quite minimalist actually, and what you see is really the end-products arranged neatly on a single, long table. Not exactly Willy Wonka and his zany factory, or some space shuttle facility lookalike.

The bright little boxes caught my attention alright, they are really quite pretty. I was going through the different flavours one by one and had to resist the strong temptation to grab all of them at once. I love chocolates with nuts, so you can imagine this small pile was probably one of the most interesting stacks to me.

Like chocolates with fruits? Lemon peel, apricot, mango, lychee, wild berries, cranberry and so much more. This stack in particular features "double fruits", so you have flavours like apricot with dried apricot, cherry with dried cranberry or green apple with dried pear. I was more interested in the alcohol series though haha, cognac, irish cream and their bestseller - lychee martini.

One side of the Facility is stacked with boxes like these, making it seem like a small chocolate warehouse. The girlfriend peeped into a couple of boxes and found them empty. Probably just for show, though I heard those are really the storage boxes for the chocolates. Can you see the small font on the boxes, especially the last line? "Happy food makes happy people" - how true! =)

There's a few seats and chocolate-bar tables for you if you would like to just sit down and enjoy some chocolate brownies or drinks. Interesting design of dripping chocolate on the walls, which is also replicated on the Facility's website.

So what did I get? Well, I got the Cappuccino flavour earlier on and it was fan-tas-tic. It had a sliver of caramel-like leak, which is really cappuccino. The milk chocolate was so rich and good that I just went on to finish the whole bar instead of saving it for later. The Cognac flavour meanwhile was quite unique but the liqueur taste was not as strong as I would expect it to be. My only grouse would be the price, since it costs $8-$12 (depending on the series/flavour) for a really small bar.

I wanted some cheer-me-up so I decided to indulge and get the Iced Chocolate-Caramel. Tastes just like the real caramel chocolate, only now in liquid form. Lovely. I do feel that it would have been better if it's ice-blended though, with maybe even tiny chocolate pieces in it to chew on. A suggestion for the Facility! =)

$8-12 for a box of chocolate,
$7.50 for the iced chocolate-caramel.

Millenia Walk, #01-30.

2 Foodie Comments:

STI students said...

just been to the shop and it was amazing!!! Among the 30 bars i bought, YES THIRTY BARS, I love the mango flavor with dried mango and champagne. Thanks for posting this blog, found a new heaven in Singapore!

August 10, 2009 at 2:20 AM
*Harris said...


Goodness THIRTY bars! That's a lot of chocolates, all for yourself or as presents too? Enjoy the chocolates, I know they're good! ;)

August 10, 2009 at 8:06 PM

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