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04 July 2009

Going on a diet? Maybe The Stock Pot could help you:

"Stock Pot soups are not just ordinary soups but outrageously delicious soups that are served up with an attitude for pleasing the palate and the waistline."

Or so we would like to believe (about the waistline part). With an enticing top-up of a half-sandwich and a glass of ice lemon tea at just $5, would we really stick to just our soups and stick to our plans to be well... stick thin? And oh, the accompanying bun is free too. I was asking how much more would it cost if I add another bun and the girl replied sweetly, "Don't worry, just go ahead and take one more", and added another bun on my plate. Diet anyone?

Mushroom Ragout: 4/5
Creamy Lobster and Crabmeat Bisque: 3.5/5

Daphne prefers this mushroom soup to the one at The Soup Spoon because it's not too thick or creamy. I guess it's really a matter of preference because I'm sure there would be others who like their soups really thick and almost gravy-like. My lobster and crab bisque on the other hand was more like a stew, with relatively adequate portions of lobster and crab-meat. I would have preferred a tad more ingredients in the soup though, and it would be a good if it was a wee bit less salty. Somehow or another, this soup just didn't live up to my expectations, especially after that hyped-up review on the newspapers some time ago. The accompanying buns were delicious by the way.

Peppery Beef Sandwich: 2.5/5

I'm afraid this didn't leave much of an impression because somehow or another the ingredients just didn't come together. While I like the way the bread was toasted with the hint of butter, everything else was lacking in taste.


$6.90 for the mushroom ragout
$7.90 for the creamy lobster and crabmeat bisque
$5.00 for an additional drink and sandwich

* Prices inclusive of GST. No service charge.

Esplanade, #01-01/03.

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