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18 July 2009

ZenZen is a new colourful eatery at Bugis Junction that prides itself as an award-winning European fast-food restaurant "with an Asian kick". We weren't intending to dine here at first but the pleasant service at the door won us over. What about the food you say?

Marco Polo Spaghetti: 3.25/5

The spaghetti comes in a box similar to American Chinese takeouts, and the portion does look a tad little for the price I'm paying. The spaghetti tasted plain normal, but of course I liked the meatballs for they were filling, juicy and beefy altogether. The good thing is that the meatballs, unlike those at Ikea, are purely beef - ZenZen claims to not sell any pork nor lard here.

Swedish Meatballs with Tempura Wedges: 3.5/5

The meatballs came in a sauce that is a far cry from the more delicious cream sauce at Ikea, and is instead closer to that of a Japanese curry. Still, the meatballs were nice and the wedges came piping hot and crispy. Good addition of the rice since it was pretty tasteless on its own but goes well with the gravy.

Chocolate Bao: 2.75/5

Plain, average bao (dumpling) with really usual chocolate filling. Kinda small too. Order this only if you really need something tiny to nibble on after your meal.


$8.80 for the marco polo spaghetti
$8.80 for the swedish meatballs with tempura wedges
$1.90 for a serving of rice and soft drink
$1.50 for the chocolate bao

Bugis Junction, #01-88/89.

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