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HK Kim Gary Restaurant II

11 June 2009

There was a long queue outside Vivocity's HK Kim Gary Restaurant but nevertheless it did not take that long a while before the eight of us were finally ushered to our seats. Perhaps after waiting close to an hour at Astons Specialties, such "shorter" queues don't bother us that much anymore!

Supreme Cheese-Baked Beef Curry with Spaghetti: 4/5

I enjoyed this more than I expected, and it's got to be one of the better cheese-baked curries that I've eaten so far. You can choose from "supreme", "pineapple" and "coconut milk" curry, and from what they told me, "supreme" is the spiciest, "pineapple" the sweetest and "coconut milk" well, the milkiest of the lot. The "supreme" curry wasn't numbingly spicy of course, but it was fair enough. The only problem was that some of the beef slices were quite tough and rubbery and required some measure of jaw strength.

Cheese Baked Rice

A few of my friends ordered variations of the cheese baked rice, as we all did with our cheese baked pastas previously at Eighteen Chefs. I do know a couple of them had the fish fillet cheese baked rice while Xue Ting next to me had the chicken chop baked rice. While the latter thought hers was quite good (she especially liked the amount of cheese in it), the other two meanwhile felt it didn't meet their expectations. Yi Wang for one was mentioning how his came lukewarm (and this is not the first time!) and hypothesised that the "baked" rice was more of steamed than baked.

Curry Flavour Fries: 3.25/5

I prefer the "red pepper" flavour over the curry one. The curry flavour fries reminds me of curry flavoured chips, only that the fries were a bit too limp and not as crispy as I would prefer them to be. The other four of my friends who shared the "special mix" flavour fries found it to be uninspiring and a tad too bland.

Sweetened Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter Thick Toast

Qian Hui didn't like this very much because he found the bread to be too thick and dry, with too little peanut butter to go around.


$10.50 for the supreme cheese-baked beef curry spaghetti
$11.50 for the chicken chop baked rice set (includes soup and drink)
$11.90 for the fish fillet baked rice set (includes soup and drink)
$3.60 for the curry flavour fries
$2.50 for the peanut butter thick toast
$2.10 for a glass of cold "yuan-yang" (tea + coffee) [yummy!]
-- just add $0.30 to your baked rice set if you intend to have this

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Vivocity Harbourfront, #02-128.

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