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Changing Appetites II

17 June 2009

It's a wonder to me how I ended up at Changing Appetites ordering a burger when I initially wanted to watch my weight and head to Esplanade's Stock Pot for soup. Burger instead of soup! Goodness me.

Thick Dynamite Burger: 2.5/5

This burger could not meet my expectations and I certainly prefer the CA Burger that has a beefy beef patty and crispy onion fritters. While the burger buns were toasted just nicely, and the fries cooked to a golden crisp, the chicken patties meanwhile were awfully salty. You would need a good number of glasses of iced water to get this down, not to mention that this is already (generally) an oily main course. On a closer look, the double chicken patties aren't that thick, they're quite thin to be honest.

And if you would prefer the "kids meal" version (haha, something I remember a waiter from Smokinn Frogz saying in a joking manner), you can opt for a lettuce- and tomato-less burger, just as I did. Talk of a diet, it all went out of the window!

Cajun Chicken Fajitas

Somehow or another, this is one of the favourites amongst the customers here, including Daphne's. Great for those who love their cheese, otherwise a bit too overpowering for those who don't fancy it much. This dish comes sizzling hot on a hot plate and served with a couple of tortillas to wrap your chicken in.

I've said it before, but I'd say it again. Try their desserts (especially their mud pies), I heard it's actually more satisfying than most of the main courses.

Very good and friendly.

$15.90 for each, subject to 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Marina Square #01-204.

2 Foodie Comments:

Pearl said...

ahh sorry to hear that the first restaurant wasn't that great!

June 18, 2009 at 10:08 AM
*Harris said...

i should have gone for soup! heh ;)

June 20, 2009 at 11:19 PM

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