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Astons Specialties

07 June 2009

If you're in the mood for long queues, there's a new Aston Specialties outlet at Suntec City Mall and boy is it drawing the (young) crowds. Serving tasty Western fare at very reasonable prices, Astons is at it once again with this relatively small eatery (I hear it is larger than the one at The Cathay though), bringing its total number of branches to fifteen. I suppose you must not only have an appetite and a budget, but that bit of patience as well since you have to be prepared for at least a 35min wait during dinner time.

The staff seem quite prepared for the queue, and a couple of them were actually passing the menu around and helping to take down orders so that we could give it to the waiters inside as soon as we get our table. I was thinking it could actually give the people a glimmer of hope (ha!) as they hold on to that piece of paper, waiting for their turn and battling that inner voice to just leave the queue and go elsewhere. It helps if you've got good company and good conversation to make the wait bearable. I realised that one of the staff (or perhaps, the manager himself) was making it seem like an "auction" of sorts as he was uttering "Table for two (or three etc.)? Okay sold!" whenever he came out to usher in the next group of queue survivors. The things people do to make their job that bit more entertaining.

Black Pepper Chicken Cutlet: 3.5/5

For the price, I wasn't expecting too much, and this fitted nicely into my expectations. I liked the fries a lot because of the peppers and the way it's fried to a golden crispy brown. Here at Astons you get a choice of two sides to accompany your main course, but as you can see by that yellow heap I actually asked for a double serving of fries. The chicken wasn't too filling but the fries did the job. A 4 just for the fries man.

Chicken and Sausage Combo

Justin, being the bigger eater, went straight for the combo but I doubt it filled him up that much since he wiped the plate clean in a matter of minutes. He remarked that it's worth the money and worth the wait. Guess that means he's satisfied enough!

Prime Sirloin

Kimberly had this and it looked fairly decent to me. She said that the beef was tender and juicy, and would give it a 4/5 considering especially how affordable it is.

Very prompt. I realised that the customers weren't staying around after they've eaten but instead were quick to get the bill. I guess they empathised with those still waiting in line, as we did as well.

$6.50 for the black pepper chicken cutlet
$10.90 for the chicken and sausage combo
$11.50 for the prime sirloin
* All inclusive of two sides each.

$2.80 for a bottle of IBC rootbeer
$1.50 for a glass of 7-Up
$1.20 for a cup of tea

* No service charge; menu prices are inclusive of GST.

Suntec City Mall, #B1-043/044.

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