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SUN Asian Bistro II

06 June 2009

I wanted to give my family a little treat and thought SUN Asian Bistro might be a nice, peaceful place to go on a Sunday afternoon. You can read about my previous visit here, which includes pictures of the restaurant itself. This place is open on weekends but I think the management has recently decided not to have it open on Sundays for the month of June and July since it's the school holidays. Try Saturdays instead then, and if you are a (or know any) NUS student / staff, you get a good 20% discount (10% discount on weekdays).

Shrooms Beef Burger: 4.25/5

I had this on my previous visit and being a food blogger I thought it would be better if I chose something else for the variety. Since it was after all a small celebration lunch for myself, I thought, let me eat what I want to eat! =)

This burger was even better than what I had previously. For all I know SUN Asian Bistro might have read this blog, made the burger patty less charred and overdone, and what we have now is an evenly grilled and nicely packed beef patty. Really good stuff, especially for its small price tag.

Wok Char-Fry Salmon

My mum had this and she said it turned out more filling than it looked. Fresh, tender salmon pieces atop mashed potatoes and mushrooms.

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta

My sisters had one of this each and both felt it was quite good. The teriyaki sauce has a somewhat oriental taste to it while the chicken cutlet was really large and tender. None of them could finish it, but then again they're relatively small eaters. They compared it to Swensen's and Pastamania (though not exactly the best place for a pasta benchmark) and agreed the teriyaki chicken pasta here comes up tops.

Chicken and Anchovy Fried Rice

I'm looking at the receipt and it says "Chicken and Silverfish Fried Rice", but wouldn't that be a typo since silverfishes are more of... insects?! Sure looks more like anchovies to me! On taste, the fried rice was not too bad.

Tom Yum Soup

My dad's accompaniment to his fried rice. Pretty good especially since it's full of seafood like prawns, squids and even a couple of mussels.

Excellent. It's like being at a hotel cafe.

$9.90 for the shrooms beef burger
$15.90 for the wok char fry salmon
$12.90 for the teriyaki chicken pasta
$6.90 for the chicken and anchovy fried rice
$6.00 for the seafood tom yum soup

* Prices subject to 10% service charge.
** $1.00 for pickles and $0.30 per wet towel.

NUS Staff Club
30 Lower Kent Ridge Road
(Opposite Subway at Yusof Ishak House)

Additional Comments
1. Certified Halal.
2. 10% off on weekdays and 20% off on weekends for NUS students and staff.
3. Opening hours: 11am-9pm Monday-Saturday.
4. Small private rooms available.

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