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14 June 2009

Me and Daphne were walking aimlessly around Great World City when we came by this restaurant and realised that it has been quite a while since we've eaten our favourite Tahu Telor. We only learned five minutes after placing our orders that they have run out of it (oh man!) but we stayed on and decided to give another dish a try.

Fried Stuffed Tau Pok: 3/5

The tofu alternative to tahu telor - fried beancurd (confused yet? tofu, tahu and beancurd: same thing, different names) stuffed with minced chicken, mixed vegetables and chestnuts. I didn't like this dish much because of the hard chestnuts, but Daphne liked it because she found them crunchy. Alas, the subjectiveness of taste.

Cumi-Cumi Bakar: 2.5/5

Otherwise known as grilled squid. A bit too rubbery for my liking and the seasoning was too uneven. Only the squid head tasted good.

Kangkong Tau Jio: 3.25/5

I'm not exactly sure what they call "kangkong" in Western countries, but a brief check on the Net turned out the term "water spinach". Instead of the usual sambal chilli, this restaurant cooks its kangkong with "tau jio" (fermented black beans) and it was quite alright. Thank goodness we asked for some chilli to be added though, otherwise it wouldn't make our tongues "dance" much, as their posters seem to promise.

Ayam Bumbu: 3.5/5

An Indonesian variation of the popular chicken curry. Although the curry wasn't served very hot, the chilli and spices used in it were tantalising enough for our tastebuds. The chicken was very soft and tender as well.

Very good and polite.

$7.00 for the fried stuffed tau pok
$2.80 for the cumi-cumi bakar (promotional price)
$5.90 for the kangkong tau jio
$5.80 for the ayam bumbu
$1.90 for a plate of white rice *gasp!*
--> ask for more while they're filling your plate if you're a big eater

*Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Great World City, #02-18.

Additional Comment
Certified Halal.

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