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Mad Jack Cafe II

27 June 2009

As I've started off on a previous post on Mad Jack, I'd do it here again in similar fashion. How crazy really can some of our Caucasian friends be - Botak Jones, Crazy Ang Moh (local slang for Caucasian, though used less frequently today) and Mad Jack - all offering "crazily good food" at "crazily good prices". Do they live up to their name? Thus far, I would say yes, pretty much so, but they sure are getting stiff competition from the Astons group, be it Astons Specialties or Astons Express.

Grilled Rib-Eye in Black Pepper Sauce: 3.25/5

The rib-eye was good, but not good enough if matched with its counterparts from Botak Jones or Astons Specialties. The tender beef slices were accompanied with a very tasty sauce, though it wasn't as spicy as I would prefer it to be. Comes with mashed potatoes and vegetables, but if you have read my blog long enough you wouldn't be surprised that I changed the latter for fries. The fries, by the way, were soft on the inside but crisp on the outside, and I like the light spices on them.

Blue Mountain Beef Burger: 3.75/5

Mad Jack declares this as the "tallest burger in town", but I wonder if this means in the country or more so in the Bukit Timah - Dunearn area. I could already think of the "U-CRAZY-WHAT?!" burger from Botak Jones (also featuring triple patties) and the "Barbarian Burger" from Changing Appetites (featuring two thick patties) as potential rivals to this claim. Personally I would prefer two thick patties instead of three thinner ones since, like the burger here, thinner patties don't exactly give you the fullest satusfaction of savouring the meat juices. Goodness me, I do sound like a seasoned carnivore.

The burger looked formidable on the menu, and so I was surprised when my mother gamely ordered this. Of course, she could only finish about half of it, leaving the rest to be cleared by the other two men in the family. On taste, I like the "handmadeness" feel from the patties because of the addition of onions and... some other things that I don't really know what they are (but you know there's more to it in the patties). An addition of a fried egg would be nice as well.

Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

Both my father and the little sister had this, and it seemed alright to me. I'm not sure if it could really satisfy big-eaters like some of my friends (raise your hand up Justin!) though.

Regular Fish and Chips

My sister is too much of a die-hard fan of Fish & Co., so this fish and chips just didn't do for her. The rest of us however took a forkful and thought the fish was really fresh and the batter quite appetising. Subjective tastes indeed.

Chocolate Delight

Complimentary dessert if you're using a Citibank card (minimum spend of around $40 I think). I had this before and felt it didn't taste as good now because it was a tad dry. Still as rich though.


$13.90 for the grilled rib-eye in black pepper sauce
$7.90 for the blue mountain beef burger
$7.90 for the grilled chicken in black pepper sauce
$8.90 for the regular fish and chips
$2.00 for a can of soft drink
$1.50 for a bottle of mineral water
$2.50 for a cup of regular coffee

* Prices subject to 7% GST, no service charge.

6 Duke’s Rd (Bukit Timah Rd before
Coronation Plaza / Crown Centre)

Additional Comments
1. Opens till midnight daily.
2. Great place for group outings because it's a) Halal, b) cheap and c) has vegetarian choices (even mock burger!).
3. Has delicious looking cakes too. Click here for the full menu.
4. For card promotions, click here.

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