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Ice-Cream Kingdom

18 January 2010

I wish I live in a neighbourhood where good ice-creams are just round the corner. The people in Greenwood for instance have Estivo, the people in Thomson have Icekimo, those in Sunset Way have Daily Scoop, while those in Ridgewood have Haato! Meanwhile, in another (private) estate in quiet, almost secluded Holland Grove, there's a place called Ice-Cream Kingdom. For an ice-cream lover like me, that seems almost like a shining oasis, even if it isn't really decked in the most attractive of colours or decorations. It does have a small ardent following, and also caters to the little ones from Henry Park Primary School nearby. It was very quiet when I was here on a Saturday evening though, and for its sincere efforts I do hope that it's busier on other days of the week. There are also plans to roll-out complementary items like waffles, so you could look out for those as well next month.

The ordinary flavours like Rasping for Berry (Raspberry) and Cookies and Cream weren't much to shout about, quite typical to say the least, but the special flavours were really, really good. I had the Honey Wheat Crunch flavour (top picture) which has a really sweet and refreshing taste to it, and anything with that little bit of crunch in it is great for me. I was told that the sweetness of this ice-cream comes from the honey and not any artificial sweetener, so that sounds good too. Another winner would be the Cookie Monster (above), a proud secret recipe kept by the owner and I can see why. Delicious flavour, and I can only guess that it's almost a mix of the Honey Wheat Crunch and Cookies and Cream, with a little something extra. My little sister also mentioned that the Sticky Chewy Chocolate here is "stickier" and a tad darker than the one from Swensen's, and so it has her approval as well.

If you're in the area, do drop by and have a scoop or two! It's roughly in between Sunset Way and Holland Vilage, and new ice-cream places are always a joy to discover. Very limited seating spaces though, but then you could always walk around to enjoy these little spoonfuls of sweet happiness :)

Excellent. We were served by the lady owner of Ice-Cream Kingdom, and you can find small interview articles of her by the mainstream press around the shop. A very pleasant and friendly lady. I can feel she loves her ice-creams as much as I do!

$3.00 for a single scoop
$5.20 for double scoops.

40 Holland Grove Road.
Look out for the store sign!

Pictures taken with the Canon Ixus 80 IS.

4 Foodie Comments:

ice said...

I want to try the honey wheat crunch! What flavor's under the honey wheat crunch?

January 19, 2010 at 7:03 AM
*Harris said...

Hello Ice :)

Well as the name suggests, honey with wheat bits in it. I detected (some) vanilla beans too I think; her original vanilla flavour is a vanilla bean one.

January 19, 2010 at 8:36 AM
Angeline said...

haha! you can never get enough of ice-cream! I must say I'm attracted to the cookie monster. It's looks really crunchy! yummm

January 19, 2010 at 4:51 PM
*Harris said...

Yeah, I think I will have at least seven ice-cream related posts by the end of this month. I love ice-cream!!!

January 19, 2010 at 5:47 PM

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