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08 January 2010

After my post on Rive Gauche Patisserie, I thought I should write on Tonkichi as well since the both of them are actually from the same company. Tonkichi is more well-known for it's "black pork", and almost at once I'm reminded of Tampopo, which prides itself for the same "delicacy" too. Of course, pork is a definite no-no in my diet, so I had to seek alternatives for myself.


First up though, Corinne and AiHui shared the chawanmushi (Japanese steamed egg custard), which didn't quite leave an impression on them. In fact AiHui made a face on her first spoon haha.

Sushi Appetiser

They decided to give another egg-based appetiser a chance, and it proved to be a much better choice for them.

Prawn and Chicken Katsu Set: 4/5

And here was my main course, tempura prawns and deep-fried chicken cutlet. It definitely lived up to its $24 price tag because the portion was quite large really, and with a bowl of steamed rice this made for a very filling dinner. Crisp prawns and tender chicken, I like. Just that eating so much fried stuff in one sitting can be quite unsettling for some.

Hire Katsu Curry

The girls also shared the hire katsu (deep-fried pork fillet), which was accompanied with a bowl of sweet Japanese curry. I had a spoonful of the curry and it was good. I think you really need this to lessen the crispiness (if not, dryness) of the deep-fried ingredients, and it helps to add flavour to an otherwise monotonous dish as well. I'm sure it would have paired up nicely with my tempura prawns and chicken cutlet too!

Dinner Set Meal

Darren meanwhile got himself one of the dinner specials, which had Kurobuta wafu hamburger, saba fish and roast duck salad amongst a couple other side dishes. He didn't comment much on his dinner except to agree that it was very filling as well.

Very good.

$24.00 for the prawn and chicken katsu set
$22.00 for the hire katsu curry
$25.00 for the dinner set meal

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

4th Level, Isetan Scotts, Shaw House.

Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 500D.

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